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The ideal solution is also the simplest, the signal jammer. The problem is that they are not allowed. The law prohibits the use and sale. Whether it is a destroyer, a blocker or an rf jammer, equipment and its use are banned in Switzerland, just like the European Union. The federal communications (Ofcom) office explained that besides inconvenience to radio spectrum users, this use may have serious consequences for safety, especially to prevent emergency call firefighters, police or doctors.

A quiet Zurich reader, MC *, is tired of what she calls “torture”. She simply couldn’t stand the constant noise of mobile phones and the noisy conversation she had with her morning commute from the Zurich suburbs to the city centre.

On the Internet, she found a way to solve all these inconveniences. For 150 francs. A mobile jammer, a jamming device, because there are dozens of online stores. The gadget makes powerful waves, jamming wireless networks and blocking phone conversations within ten meters.

M: I’m glad to hear that. Since I have this thing, I can read safely. She’s not the only one. According to SBB, when SBB decided to cancel their car “silence” on the main line, the Internet heard calls for these “jammers, much cheaper than the first class average user”. .

At the federal communications office (OFCOM), we are not surprised. The problem has been fixed for a long time.

Her spokeswoman, Deborah Murith, confirmed that there were frequent accidents on trains. But these high-tech devices, originally developed by anti-spyware services, are “strictly illegal”. According to OFCOM, bluetooth applications such as bluetooth are punishable by imprisonment and/or a fine of up to 100, 000 francs. SBB is also on alert. For his spokesman, Reto Kormann, “it is often difficult to tell whether a laptop is being abandoned for lack of juice or hostile waves.”

So far, I have found our country umberto tacky, but more and more days and months, I think he may be the right place… In the subway, on his bike, communion day his daughter by creditors to prosecute, persecuted by the bank, a man not safe, fortunately, the new hall use GSM jammer, but the church there is still no equipment… And we have more toilets! At the same time in Barcelona, we show the future of smartwatches (watches) and new “phablets”, bigger than smartphones, but smaller than tablets. Interest: they are hardly fit for any pocket! The sharp telephone (1) has not yet been completed.
Americans are looking for a legal way to plug in the phone, which can be used to study “passive” GSM scrambler technology. For example, adjusting your office should ensure that there is no signal or exit. However, if lead is too industrialized to fit your decor, you can opt for a more prominent option: you can install “magnetic wood” panels anywhere. A Japanese scientist Hideo Oka invented a new type of building materials, which contain nickel zinc ferrite magnetic particles, is thought to transfer 97% of the mobile phone signals, like high power jammer.

Saboteurs have followed the development of technology. First for jam communication (trains, restaurants, cinemas, theaters… ), they are also a means of committing a crime: a car or truck that sells GSM to interfere with the theft of valuables (such as the retirement of a car) or the theft of a home (disabling the wireless alarm system).
At the level of the “telecommunications law” (LTC), the use of jammers may cause deliberate interference and could be fined up to 100, 000 francs. Their offer and sale are illegal and therefore prohibited. The situation is different for prisons, where detainees use their mobile phone to organize criminal ACTS or plan their escape. LTC allows prison facilities to run the phone scrambler facility within its scope with the prior authorization of Ofcom.

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When all the world’s leading telephone experts were roaming the streets of Barcelona’s world conference, a man continued to laugh at them. His name? Umberto ai. To him, all the bearers of these “boxes” were slaves to modernity, and their subordinates were forced to draw attention to them with the slightest call from the deputy administrator. “I don’t hiss,” he told me the other day at a hotel in Paris.

First, find the alarm, and I spent the cell phone jammer kit to find a “spec” alert through a different store or installation. This can effectively protect houses and appendages without having to take credit for more than five generations. You should know that the house to be protected is a pavilion with a garage. Since the alert allows a number of accessories to be added, the alarm seems appropriate. In fact, all warnings are not. Some people don’t know how to handle more than 8 or 10 sensors. This little! Especially the house on the ground floor. As a result, all doors and Windows are accessible, rather than two-story houses, or the top Windows are more inaccessible.

Austrian police said in a GSM jammer statement that the security of the meeting will be held on June 9. The actual meeting of the guests will be held on Sunday, 14 to 14 June, according to the bieldberg convention.

Police said news agency has issued instructions, bilderberg meeting will be the same as the more public the G7 meeting the safety operation of part of the meeting should be in the middle of the same week 7 to about 7 day on June 8 in Bavaria Schloss Elmau.

In the world of shopping, why not buy cheap phone jammers? In an online store? You don’t have to go out and drive to make the final choice. You may not be able to use disruptive products because in your country it is illegal to buy it in a real store. You will feel the best customer service you’ve ever had. High quality products, free delivery and excellent after-sales service are here for you. You know that customer service can also be a major problem when buying online, because there is no person-to-person transaction. Many online merchants have found that they can be responsible for bad customer service through negative reviews, thus facilitating the timely delivery of products or services and providing options for dissatisfied online customers. Come to our store and get this high-power mobile phone jammer, and you’ll know what the best service means.

“On June 7 and 8, 2015 the G7 summit in Bavaria and June 9 to 14, 2015 in tyrol bilderberg meeting of the group safety measures is the federal minister Mag Johanna Mikl – Leitner and representatives of the ministry of the interior and tirol police in Vienna on January 13, 2015. The statement said.

Many people like to get rid of their smartphones when necessary, but the truth is, it’s hard to stop the wind from the phone, not you. People ignore the phone tag, of course, forgot how to turn off their beautiful mobile wifi jammer, but when it banned the use of mobile phones, we should leave the 4 g mobile phone jammer, to protect our rights, and find the peace you need.
As more and more mobile phone signals are invented and used by more and more people, on the one hand, people can get a lot of convenience in certain situations, on the other hand, many will have negative effects. Now more and more people need 4G phones and WiFi blocker because the device can help them get out of this situation.
As the rapid development of high-tech products, mobile phones have indeed become “a major feature of CCC (communications, information and content).” That’s what we’re using to get the advantage of the phone. Human inventions often endanger the lives of ordinary people. Many of us are increasingly relying on machines, computers, the Internet and fashionable 4G phones. Many people like to get rid of the smartphone when they need it, but the truth is, it’s so hard to stop the phone from the wind, not you, but all humans.

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