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Strong magnets that may interfere with train signals

84 disinfectant cannot pass the subway security inspection, 84 disinfectant contains a strong pungent smell, and the ‘Prohibited and Restricted Items for Passengers in Railway Stations’ stipulates: Article 5, please do not carry the following highly toxic, corrosive, radioactive, Infectious and dangerous items. Tea and beverages cannot be carried on the plane, and all the liquid in the cup must be poured out when entering the security check. Hand sanitizers include dry hand sanitizer and wet hand sanitizer, and neither dry hand sanitizer nor wet hand sanitizer can be checked in. Alcohol cotton balls are made from sterilized absorbent cotton balls absorbing medical alcohol, and have the effect of disinfecting human skin and preventing infection. Take dry hand soap for example. Can the disinfectant be taken on the plane?

The following is your answer. Flammable liquid; flash powder, solid alcohol, celluloid and other flammable solids; sodium peroxide, potassium peroxide, lead peroxide, peracetic acid and other inorganic and organic oxidants. In addition, dry-cleaning hand soap contains 62% alcohol and cannot be taken on the plane. OEM Eyebrow Pencil suppliers Medical alcohol is a flammable liquid and is prohibited to be carried. According to ‘China Civil Aviation Safety Inspection Regulations’ Annex 1: ‘Items Prohibited to be Carried or Checked by Passengers’ Article 4 Flammable and explosive items, including: hydrogen, oxygen, butane and other bottled compressed gas, liquefied gas; yellow phosphorus , White phosphorus, nitrocellulose, oil paper and its products and other spontaneous combustion items; metal potassium, sodium, lithium, calcium carbide, magnesium aluminum powder and other water-burning items; gasoline, kerosene, diesel, benzene, ethanol, paint, thinner, rosin oil, etc. Can’t.

Please do not bring the following items that endanger the safety of train operation or public health: strong magnets that may interfere with train signals, items with a strong pungent odor, items with bad smell and other odors, live animals (except guide dogs) , Items that may hinder public health, items that can damage or contaminate stations, train service facilities, equipment, and spare parts. But the first time I took the disinfectant on the plane, I don’t know if I can bring the disinfectant.Can I bring disinfectant on the plane? Can I bring hand sanitizer on the plane? I was flying today, and my family asked me to bring some disinfectant back. Can the disinfectant be taken on the plane? Generally not recommended to carry, such as: 84 disinfectant.. Therefore, alcohol cotton balls cannot be carried when flying.

But because alcohol is a flammable substance, the security inspection department has always listed this hand sanitizer as a prohibited item. Obviously, flammable and explosive items such as lighters, firecrackers, fireworks, and alcohol cannot be carried or checked in. Generally, fruit knives with a blade less than 6cm can only be checked in with luggage and cannot be carried with you. For cosmetics with a capacity greater than 100ml, it is recommended to put the cosmetics in the luggage. It is a washing product launched in the market in recent years. Other prohibited items specified by the state In addition to the above items, prohibited, restricted items, and dangerous items stipulated by the state and airlines cannot be carried along or checked in luggage. Because alcohol has the characteristics of sterilization and evaporating quickly, users can avoid the cumbersomeness of washing with water. Its main ingredient is alcohol. It is popular with travelers. For women, the requirements of cosmetics are also quite strange. Guns, military or police equipment, and controlled knives cannot be checked or carried


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