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What is the technical type of the crusher?

1. According to the method of breaking force, the crusher can be roughly divided into two categories:
(1) Crusher
(2) The grinder and crusher usually handle larger pieces of material, and the product size is coarser, usually larger than 8 mm. The feature of its mechanism is that there is a certain gap between the broken pieces, and they do not fight each other. The crusher can be divided into coarse crusher, medium crusher and system crusher. Generally speaking, the material handled by the mill is finer, and the product size is fine, up to 0.074 mm, or even finer. Its structural feature is that the broken parts (or medium) fight each other, and the medium adopted is steel balls, steel rods, gravel or ore nuggets, etc. However, some machines have both Plastic mixer machine in China  crushing and grinding functions, such as self-grinding machines. ∮5. 5×1. 8m self-grinding machine can process the upper limit of ore particle size up to 350~400mm
2. According to the breaking method and the organizational characteristics of the machine (action principle), it is roughly divided into six categories (1) Jaw crusher (tiger mouth). The effect of rupture is to periodically press the movable jaw plate to the firm jaw plate to crush the ore blocks sandwiched there. (2) Cone crusher. The ore block is located between the two cones on the outside and the inside. The outer cone is firm and the inner cone swings preferentially to crush or break the ore block sandwiched in it. (3) Roller crusher. The nugget is mainly subjected to continuous crushing effect in the gap between two oppositely twisted round rollers, but it also has a grinding effect. The tooth-shaped roller surface is also splitting effect (4) percussion crusher. The ore nugget was crushed by the impact of the moving parts that rapidly reversed and spread. It belongs to this category and can be divided into: hammer crusher; cage crusher; impact crusher (5) grinding machine. The ore is destroyed by the impact of grinding media (steel balls, steel rods, gravel or ore blocks) in the twisted cylinder.
A. Roller mill: The material is crushed by moving elastic rollers. B. Disc grinder: Manipulate the vertical axis or the degree axis to roll as a rupture component. C. Centrifugal mill. The application of high-speed torsion components and media produces centrifugal force to complete the cracking effect. D. Vibration grinding machine. The rotating shaft is manipulated to generate high-frequency vibration, so that the medium and the material collide with each other to complete the rupture effect. Various crushers have different specifications and different utilization categories. For coarse crushing, jaw crushers or gyratory cone crushers are used; standard cone crushers are used for medium crushing; short-head cone crushers are used for system crushing.

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