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How is plastic machinery maintained?

When plastic machinery is in use, it is necessary to deal with plastic machinery for maintenance, and this adjustment and maintenance should also be operated according to certain rules, which is beneficial to the operation of machinery and equipment, and at the same time, it is maintained in accordance with the relevant requirements of the corresponding equipment safety technology. It can be useful to ensure the maximum security of equipment and staff.

Before installation, the installation equipment is also made up of various components. Before installation, check each equipment component, check the main steel structure, bearings, bolts, etc., and check whether the general situation of the parts is anti-corrosion, etc. This should be done. A good record for later inspection. When the equipment is set up for maintenance and normal operation, it must be carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations, and regular and scheduled maintenance. Daily maintenance is important to clean, tighten, lubricate, mediate, and anti-corrosion. This is to be checked every day. Yes, and regular maintenance, how many maintenance and repairs wholseale plastic powder feeding machine China of mechanical equipment are held during the designated time, with washing, lubrication, mediation, collapse, and inspection as the intermediate content.

The overhaul of the equipment and furnishings requested by the overhaul is to clarify that the equipment and furnishings are severely damaged or damaged, and the performance of the machine is significantly reduced. At this moment, an overhaul is being carried out. For example, the power performance of the machine is significantly reduced and the fuel consumption is Under the premise that the addition, the operation is not working well, the sound is abnormal, or the installation of equipment is unable to perform the normal production function, a comprehensive and complete restoration of the wrist is accepted. At this moment, the overhaul should be carried out according to the regulations, and at the same time Control the progress of good things. In the course of major repairs, equipment scrapping will probably be scrapped, which is carried out by maintenance professionals, with records and acceptance. To deal with equipment that is overwhelming and close to the end of life, it should provide overhaul acceptance and pass verification before installation, and make a record of scrapping.

1. Maintenance personnel should inspect the usage of the equipment every day, and deal with it in time if abnormalities are found, and do not use it with illness.
2. Check whether there is leakage in the pipeline. If the leak is found, deal with it in time.
3. Maintain once a month to clean up the waste oil from the main lubrication points.

The main points of lubrication of each part of the single shaft shredder are as follows:
Each unit is regularly lubricated to keep it running under good lubrication.
1. Add molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease to the main machine grinding bearing every 12 hours. 8 oil filling points.
2. Add molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease to the main machine grinding swing arm shaft once a week. 4 oil filling points.
3. The classifier needs to add molybdenum disulfide lithium grease once in 12 hours. 1 oil filling point.
4. Add 3# Lithium Grease once every 2 days to the main machine feeding and stirring cage. 1 oil filling point.
5. Add 3# lithium-based grease to the large and small sieve belt bearings every 3 days. 4 oil filling points.
6. Add 3# lithium base grease once a week to the feed hopper with bearing. 2 oil filling points.

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