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What is the profile production line?

The profile production line includes the main machine, screw molds and response auxiliary machines. It can produce a wide range of profiles, such as PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PC and other profiles. The feature of the profile production line is that it can produce various specifications and different shapes of plastic hard pipes and different products according to the user’s request and mold design. The second is that the screw plan is relatively mature, and the product extrusion volume and plasticization performance are good. , No burrs, and a high pass rate. The third is the vacuum water circulation cooling system, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The fourth is that the replacement of the die is more convenient and the speed is relatively fast.
The profile production line includes plastic extrusion profile production line, plastic pipe production line, plastic sheet production line, etc. plastic recycling equipment wholesale  The important use of plastic extrusion profile equipment is the production of plastic products such as plastic door and window profiles, plastic decorative panels, and PVC foam profiles. The profile extrusion production line can be divided into two types: pre-co-extrusion and post-co-extrusion according to the pre-co-extrusion and molding conditions of the co-extrusion material.

Pre-coextrusion refers to the two materials that have not been extruded yet, and the product has not yet been formed to achieve compound molding; post-coextrusion refers to the fact that one material has been completely formed, and then combined with another material to achieve compound molding. The advantage of post-co-extrusion is that it can be used well to deal with waste materials and is economical. The profile extrusion production line can be divided into two types: organic co-extrusion and inorganic co-extrusion according to the material difference of production and extrusion products. Organic co-extrusion contains the same material pre-co-extrusion (such as high-quality raw materials, and the addition of rejuvenated materials, ultimate co-extrusion) and different materials pre-co-extrusion (such as polymethyl methacrylate and PVC before co-extrusion) and soft and hard The post co-extrusion and inorganic co-extrusion of PVC can be divided into aluminum-plastic composite co-extrusion and steel-plastic composite co-extrusion.

The co-extrusion plastic profile extrusion production line is compared with the popular pre-co-extrusion, simple process, flexible use, low scrap rate, easy to take over, control of bond strength, and other features worthy of attention. At this moment, this technology is mainly used in the manufacture of profiled materials for doors and windows with sealing strips. The traditional pre-coextrusion profile extrusion production line uses more than two extruders to extrude molten materials with different rheological behaviors or different colors to a unified molding die. These melts have different flow channels in the molding die. It moves inside the center, then meets and extrudes at the die, and vacuumizes in the shaping sleeve to cool and shape.

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