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Pelletized material

Martes, febrero 8, 2022

10. Pelletized material – A granular plastic material produced by a plastic material through a pelletizing device. With different granulation devices, the granule shape is also different, mainly hemispherical, cylindrical, square and so on. 11. Leftovers – all materials other […]

What is the profile production line?

Martes, enero 4, 2022

The profile production line includes the main machine, screw molds and response auxiliary machines. It can produce a wide range of profiles, such as PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PC and other profiles. The feature of the profile production line is […]

When shopping for a plastic washing machine

Viernes, septiembre 10, 2021

When shopping for a plastic washing machine  。First, what do you need the washing machine to do? Do you just need it to wash clothes? Or is it needed to dry your delicate clothing? Will you be using the washing […]