In order to accelerate the development of the plastic-coated metal hose industry

The daily export volume of plastic-coated hoses has reached more than 202 million. has cooperated with Many foreign plastic-coated metal hose companies have signed contracts for the restoration and development of 10 oil fields.6 million plastic-coated hoses, most of which are for export. include metal hose joints, stainless steel joints, Prica joints, plastic-coated metal hoses, Prica tubes, drag chains and other machine tool accessories. In order to accelerate the development of the plastic-coated metal hose industry.

According to the report, the 2015 company budget approved by the Pipe Industry Council was 8. Moreover, the increased annual output of nearly 10 million is equivalent to nearly 11% of the current annual output of less than 90 million in Shanghai.

It is estimated that the annual output of plastic-coated metal hoses will reach 12 million within six years.3 million yuan. will increase its annual output of plastic-coated metal hoses by 440% within 6 years. In January, the income from plastic-coated hoses reached 608,200 million yuan.161 million plastic-coated hoses daily.20 million yuan, and the deficit was 13.

Products are widely used in construction, machine tools, railways, vehicles, chemicals, automobiles, monitoring, building decoration, building decoration, building materials, decoration and other industries. The highest level since 2014.Yesterday, Pipe Industry said that the plastic-coated hose industry of Pipe Industry has developed Air brake fittings rapidly.2 million, which is the highest level since 2003


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