The tube is lined with electrical insulating paper

The tube is lined with electrical insulating paper, which has the effect of heat insulation. It is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, machinery In other industries, the specifications of plastic-coated hoses range from 6mm to 250mm, and the color is black or gray. Special specifications and colors can be customized.

The fire-fighting index of metal casing and flame-retardant pipe has reached the national standard. In addition, it also has the following outstanding characteristics. In order to ensure reliable protection of electrical circuits, our company has developed an increased safety flexible Metal wire protection sleeves can meet the protection needs of electrical wiring of explosion-proof motors, instruments and other equipment in these special occasions.

As a professional manufacturer of plastic-coated hoses, our company has always followed the principle of ‘quality first, reputation first’, adhering to the corporate spirit of ‘people-oriented, quality-oriented, honesty, unity, hard work, and integrated China flare fittings Suppliers innovation’. In some wiring places such as steel, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. And colleagues from all walks of life cooperate sincerely, develop harmoniously, and work together to make greater contributions to the country’s infrastructure.

Even if there is a fire, the low-smoke halogen-free pipe will not produce suffocating toxic smoke. The plastic-coated hose (plastic-coated metal hose) adopts hot-dip galvanized steel strip, which has good corrosion resistance, and the plastic-coated casing has better acid, alkali, salt and chemical resistance


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