The metal hose is installed less than the natural length to ensure certain degrees of freedom

Characteristics of a metal hose. The self-vibration frequency calculation formula of the storage tank is as follows: F1 — tank substantially self-vibration frequency, Hz; T1 — Tank substantially self-vibration cycle, S; R0 – storage tank body coefficient; HW– – Squeezed height, M; R1 –bottom tank wall average radius, M; T1 / 3 –liquid surface height 1/3 of the can wall thickness, M (excluding corrosion margin).

Although the Z-type installation increases the length of the pipeline and the elbow, the axial displacement of the tube system can be absorbed by itself, reducing the axial stress of the metal hose and nozzles, extending the service life, and is also conducive to the stability of the pipeline .Determination of metal hose length The length of the metal hose is calculated in the formula (2.Miniature Barb Fittings Manufacturers So, determine the length of the metal hose is the primary work.

Media Properties and Operation Parameters Table 2 Media Properties and Operation Parameters 2.2 The lateral displacement transverse displacement of the metal hose energy compensation conduit means the displacement perpendicular to the hose direction. The L-type installation is more common, the overall layout is clean and beautiful, reducing the length of the pipe, reducing fluid resistance, but the axial stress generated by the pipeline will act on the metal hose and tank tube mouth, which shortens the hose, valve.1) to determine a metal hose of L = 1800 mm.

Therefore, the metal hose is installed less than the natural length to ensure certain degrees of freedom. Type (see Figure 2) and Z-shaped installation (see Figure 3). The selection of the table 5 factor A is due to the lateral and axial displacement generated by the metal hose main absorption system, in addition to the installation of the degree of freedom of the metal hose, it is also possible to absorb the arrangement of the pipeline, and there are two types of common pipelines.


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