This allows the rotating flow field in the metal hose to be maintained

Field of the Invention This invention relates to a metal hose having a straight tube joint, in particular a straight pipe connection structure of a metal hose, which belongs to the technical field of fluid delivery line. However, in delivery of high speed, large flow gas or liquid, the effect of pressure change and flow field characteristics caused by the straight pipe section include: Tube gas or liquid through a metal hose that has formed a stable rotary flow field.

This allows the rotating flow field in the metal hose to be maintained in a straight pipe section, thereby ensuring that the flow field during fluid transport is always uniformly stable. A metal hose having a straight tube joint, a bellows and straight pipe sections of the jacket wire mesh, which characterized in that the straight pipe section has an inner thread, the internal thread and the corrugated tube end spiral A matching, and the starting point of the straight pipe segment is directly connected to the helical endpoint of the bellows.

It is easy to understand that the structure of the present invention solves the mutation of the Miniature Barb Fitting stable rotary flow field in the existing metal hose to enter the straight pipe section, eliminating the eddy current, avoiding a series of problems such as pressure loss caused.

When suddenly entering the straight pipe section, the flow field is truncated, forming an unstable flow field and eddy current, causing significant pressure loss. When the metal hose is coupled to other components, no matter what the coupling method is used, it is necessary to be coupled to the bellows, and the joints of the metal hose are formed into the joint of the metal hose


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