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    Various manufacturing processes and applications have made electromagnetic wires increasingly diverse. It has to meet specific requirements for high temperature, corona, breakdown under high voltage, and chemical corrosion resistance in special atmospheres. It must also be able to withstand bending and wear during winding, inlaying, and other processes. However, there are some common specifications that […]

  • a ha escrito una nueva entrada en el blog: Facts About the Growth of the Chinese Enameled Wire Industry   hace 3 semanas, 3 días · Ver

    Enameled wire is a type of metal used in electronic devices. Using this type of metal, wires can be made of various materials, including copper, polyester, urethane, and more. The global market for enameled wire is estimated at 460,000 tons in 2010. According to the data, China is the world’s largest producer, accounting for over […]

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    The resistance of Composite Enameled Copper Wire should be within the ranges specified in Appendix C. In order to determine the resistance of an alloy, the nominal diameter of the copper wire should be 0.63mm or greater. Likewise, the resistance at 20 degC should be within the range of the product standard. The following table […]

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    Because the enameled wire production machines are single-end pay-off and single-end take-up, there is no multi-end. In fact, most of the “multi-threads” are produced by users-electronics factories.  Enameled wire manufacturer During the laying-out process, the machine should be stopped every few minutes to replace the transformer skeleton. When the machine is stopped, the pay-off tension of […]

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