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    Kashmir cannot be solved bilaterally except on the basis of the status quo. Connectivities are never exclusive but the political implications are clear when China becomes lender of first resort rather than the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank put together.The Responsibility to Protect doctrine will be back on the shelf where it belongs. […]

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    “For too many years, China has pursued trade practices and business policies that make it impossible for foreign companies to compete on a level playing field with Chinese companies.Having already undermined US national security interests by agreeing to China   Wholesale Polyester Knitted Fabric factory  precondition to trade talks by easing penalties on ZTE, the administration now appears […]

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    The initial probe had reportedly revealed that the heads of the group had learned skills of making explosives and firearms in overseas camps of the terror group East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) based on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. When Pakistan’s former Army Chief, General Ashfaq Kayani, visited Beijing in June 2010, Guonglie pressed him for cutting […]

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    Many analysts suspect that behind the commercial rivalry between the two in the region, one should see the broader efforts made by them to extend their strategic influence. It is willing to use AIIB and Silk Road Fund for this purpose.K. In May, 2015 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced $110 billion in aid for “high […]

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    Such clarity is at test in the serious face-off between India and China in Doklam, near the tri-junction between India, China and Bhutan.It is wise that India’s reaction, against blatant Chinese provocation, has been measured, and has kept the option of diplomatic resolution open. The Chinese have a better and bigger defence prowess, but 2017 […]

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