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    Carbon steel of carbon equivalent CE <0.2% is with good high-frequency butt welding ability, do not have to carry out heat treatment after welding. However, high strength low alloy steel pipe CE typically 0.2% -0.65% in the butt welding process of ERW steel pipe, due to the skin effect interaction, proximity effect and heat transfer, […]

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    It can be installed pipe is not removed, as long as the hydraulic components disconnect with a hose can be connected, which is the so-called online cycle pickling. The recipe and technology used in this unit for a long time have been integrated. It is not easy to cause over pickling, the construction of the […]

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    With the rapid development of coastal petrochemical, electric power industry, the application of fresh seawater replace the increasingly tense as industrial cooling medium, can save a lot of fresh water resources, access to significant economic and social benefits. Meanwhile, in the coastal and inland production plants in some corrosion conditions are harsh environmental conditions, such […]

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