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    Of course, we don’t talk about other things, because we are embroiderers, so we are naturally talking about embroidery. In fact, it is not easy for us to go all the way, and we have made a lot of efforts to learn how to make a plate. Embroidery pattern-making software: the earliest used digitizers, Fuyi, […]

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    They are also the finest in hand-weaving. The top layer is covered with a fine checkered cloth. The patterns mostly use symbolic and abstract expressions, linear shapes, continuous symmetrical, and a single evolutionary change, with artistic effects of rough refinement, full structure, gorgeous colors and peculiar patterns. Tujia embroidery is divided into three types: ‘picking […]

  • Common quality problems in computer embroidery production1. Do not stick to the flower position and 3mm away from the flower position. When there are two or more colors of the same piece, they must be separated and not mixed. The thread groove of the needle should face the operator, and then turn it to the […]

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