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  • One of the main drawbacks of growing annual flowering plants in Mediterranean and other dry climate regions is their excessive water consumption. Annuals in hot, dry summer areas require water based on at least 6mm a day, which is 6 liters per square meter. Over the year, this can amount to more than a cubic […]

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    Lush greenery, the symbol of prosperity on the earth is only seen if the region gets sufficient water. The rainfall at any region may vary drastically but the availability of water can be ensured with solid water distribution systems. However; it is one of the precious resources which must be saved and conserved for reuse. […]

  • With the government regulations and subsidies that foster energyefficient appliances, it is expected that the majority of the Americanhousehold will be equipped with tankless water heaters within the next fewdecades. This is good news because instant water heating units have manyadvantages over the traditional hot water tanks and that is more so for electrictankless water […]

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