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    No tricks involved here. People new to the sport will be pleased with these ones as they are pretty manageable, aren’ tricky, and don cost much. Let take a look at some of the different kinds of bowling balls and discuss the particular makeup of each ball. This allows them to catch the surface of […]

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    This means that the slopes and undulations on the putting green will not only affect the roll of your chip but maybe your shot selection as well. Is the putting green going uphill or downhill where you want to land the ball? You must realize not all putting greens are created equal. Here are the […]

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    Not the combination that any of us were looking for when we teed up our brand new golf ball and envisioned, in our pre-shot routine, a long, slight draw that leaves us a simple approach from the center of the Fairway. Would you believe that the golf ball a Pro plays with will deviate more […]

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