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The Chinese Contemporary Art Market

Talking about the sudden interest in Padamsee’s work, Krishen says, “We come from an era where good works inspired us, not the price. Raza, Tyeb Mehta and Vasudeo S. “It is surprising that in the recent past we have seen a rise in the demand of Indian masters. Gaitonde fetching the market’s interest but it is very intriguing that a living master like Padamsee is getting the limelight all of a sudden. The artwork, which was estimated to sell between Rs 7-9 crore, surpassed its bidding expectation, sparking new interest in the Indian art market. He is an artist whose work ranges from the figure to the non-figurative.

Talking about the sudden shift towards Indian masters, Alka says, “With the busting of the bubble of the Indian contemporary art market, it was obvious that the market will shift towards the artist whose works are more complete (in terms of the world viewing and past history).The hammer goes down at Rs 19.”‘I was intrigued by the way he could move the brush freely’Artist Krishen Khanna bought the Air compressor Manufacturers ‘Greek Landscape’, part of Padamsee’s grey series, from Bal Chhabda over a phone conversation in 1960. He continues, “There are intelligent buyers, and the growth of Indian art market has been faster than the rate at which the Chinese contemporary art market has evolved. It is one of the great masterpieces produced by the artist and I would like people to see his work and not for the money it has been sold for.”

Alka agrees and feels that auctions like these are not the indicator of the true art market.” An experiment with plastic emulsionThe ‘Greek Landscape’ (above) was an experimental painting created by Akbar Padamsee (left) using plastic emulsion and home painter’s brush.19 crore. In an interview with Meera Godbole-Krishnamurthy, editor-in-chief, Saffronart, Akbar said, “The paint one got was often glossy, but I was lucky to find a man who sold the non-glossy matte, plastic emulsion. She shares, “His portraiture works have a lot of soul; his human faces tend to capture the gamut of human suffering and exaltation. What would be more interesting to know from this particular auction would be the name of the buyer to understand what intrigued him.


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