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We have started collection information

In the later stages, the top leaders will mount an offensive against the Akhilesh government,” the leader said. We will take it forward to all constituencies held by the SP now,” said a party functionary. The BJP feels that if it can expose the SP MLAs, it would be half a battle won since this exercise will enhance the anti-incumbency factor against the government and the SP will have to work twice as hard to reduce this impact. This campaign, according to party sources, will continue till July after which the main campaign will be launched by the party leadership.In a novel strategy, the Bharatiya Janata Party will target the ruling Samajwadi Party legislators in their own constituencies. Our party workers held demonstrations in Mohanlalganj, Sarojini Nagar, Malihabad and Bakshi ka Taalaab on Wednesday, demanding action against local SP MLAs. Majority of the SP MLAs, sources said, have amassed wealth and indulged in land grabbing in their own constituencies and the BJP will make these facts public through demonstrations and agitations.

We have started collection information about land-grabbing and corruption by SP MLAs and will expose then in their own constituencies. “This will be round one where we will corner each Samajwadi MLA and put him or her in the dock before their voters, thereby, putting them on the defensive. The party will highlight the misdeeds of the SP MLAs in their respective constituencies. “The basic idea is to expose the SP and their legislators by revealing the extent of corruption and land grabbing by the lawmakers. The SP, at present, has 227 MLAs and the local BJP units have been asked to compile information about the ruling party legislators. In a novel strategy, the Bharatiya Janata Party will target the ruling Samajwadi Party legislators in their own constituencies. Party leaders in each of the districts have been asked to involve the local people in this exercise and also ensure their participation in the demonstrations and agitations. The BJP will highlight the lack of work done by the SP MLAs at the local level in the field of education, road, power and water supply. insert nut India, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. The party will also print a booklet, giving details of the “misdeeds” of SP MLAs and ministers from all the 227 constituencies. Complaints about land-grabbing and other illegal activities by SP leaders have been pouring in but the police chooses to turn a blind eye for obvious reasons but now that elections are round the corner, we will go all out to expose them,” the functionary said


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