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This story originally appeared in the deccan Chronicle

This story originally appeared in the deccan Chronicle as may the case be I read those comments, its not necessary for me to express views on those comments,” he said. “It depends on persons.”I don’t approve of personal comments against anyone, let alone the RBI Governor,” the minister said when asked about the continuing attack on Rajan in past few months and whether there was an effort weld studs on part of the government to ring-fence the Governor. But I don’t think we should allow a public discourse where instead of debate on issues we concentrate on debate on persons,” he told a news channel.I do a lot of it myself,” he said. Even among ministers you will have people who express themselves freely.In separate letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi within a fortnight, Swamy has sought immediate dismissal of the RBI Governor alleging that Rajan was “mentally not fully Indian” and has “wilfully” wrecked the economy by keeping interest rate high. “And I hope from the later part of this year, the Monetary Policy Committee will get into action and therefore, both the bank and the government nominees will have to sit together and decide monetary policy,” he said..Swamy also accused Rajan of sending confidential and sensitive financial information around the world.Jaitley said RBI and the government are in continuous dialogue and that relationship will can always have personalities which keep to themselves and just read statements.”I think in democracy debate of every kind takes place. To a question on views of certain corporate leaders that the rupee will crash and economy will face crisis if Rajan is removed as RBI Governor, Jaitley said there was no need for him to comment.There are others who go out and speak.

The Reserve Bank, Jaitley said, is an important institution which makes its own judgement.On a question that should RBI Governor remain conservative and publicly shy, Jaitley said it all depends upon individuals. BJP MP Subramanian Swamy sought immediate dismissal of RBI Governor alleging that he was ‘mentally not fully Indian’. I am a minister and go out and speak on subjects which don’t concern my ministry also.BJP MP Subramanian Swamy sought immediate dismissal of RBI Governor alleging that he was ‘mentally not fully Indian’.As an outspoken RBI Governor, Rajan has expressed his views on host of issues, including intolerance and has even described India as ‘one-eyed king’ in the land of blind in reference to the country’s high economic growth..Rajan’s tenure is scheduled to end in early September. I can’t preach to the world that don’t go and deliver lectures because.Amid BJP MP Subramanian Swamy stepping up his tirade against Raghuram Rajan, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday said he does not approve of “personal comments” against anyone including the RBI Governor. Now people make comment one way, somebody else makes the other way. Union Minister for Finance Arun Jaitley with Governor of Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan at a meeting in New Delhi. “One can agree or disagree with their judgment, but that’s a debate on issues


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