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After treating the audience with their raw

octubre 14, 2021 por oatebarigh

The audience now has grown receptive and open-minded to the idea of same-sex relationships on screen as more films are exploring the subject.The subject of homosexual relationships was well handled this year in Sonam Kapoor starrer &metalized Polyester film online39;Ek […]

As someone who researched and wrote on this in

julio 21, 2021 por oatebarigh

Fifty years later, Bollywood still can’t deal with female sexuality outside marriage. It is fine to take creative liberties; one doesn’t expect it to be a documentary. To take the real Nanavati case as your reference, but only focusing on […]

These movies will be vying for spot

junio 2, 2021 por oatebarigh

“We are all geared up for the next steps that lay ahead of us in this journey and look forward to continued support we received so far. This recognition however is not mine alone, I made this film with an […]

She flaunts her boldness along with confidence

mayo 19, 2021 por oatebarigh

The character of Anaarkali is just how the life of a Chikni Chameli or a Munni would be,” says Swara, adding that she, the director and producer Sandip Kapur made sure that there was no sleaziness while portraying the character. […]