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They greeted each other normally

Yami and Pulkit were done with their meal but preferred not to leave until they were sure that the paparazzi had left the venue. They waited for nearly an hour until the coast was clear and they finally managed to head out without being clicked. Interestingly, the two actors shot for two films back-to-back and rumours of their clandestine affair started gaining steam. Trouble started brewing with Pulkit being repeatedly spotted with Yami. Eventually, when things went out of control, Shweta moved out of their home. They waited patiently for the former lovers to step out and finally they did. Now there are rumours that Yami and Pulkit are in a live-in relationship and are even contemplating getting hitched, soon after his divorce comes through. It was not even a year since he had tied the knot with Shweta in a big fat Punjabi wedding in Goa, where his mentor Salman Khan had done the kanyadaan.

They greeted each other normally, but Pulkit, it seems, was not comfortable and so he left the venue soon. But Shweta also mentioned that Yami, on the other hand, always had a soft spot for Pulkit. None of the parties involved ever acknowledged the affair. Yami and Pulkit, however, thought it best not to be China Handheld Shower Head spotted together. The paparazzi had camped themselves outside the restaurant when they got a whiff about Anushka and Virat’s dinner plans. Pulkit and Shweta, who is Salman’s rakhi sister, came face-to-face with each other again at Arpita Khan’s baby shower. In an earlier interview, Shweta had reportedly said that Pulkit left her for his parents and that he would never date someone like Yami Gautam..Yami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat were spotted at a premium Asian eatery the same day when Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli went there for dinner.


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