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State industries minister and senior

diciembre 15, 2021 por Wugu Paoshin Industries

Meanwhile, Mr Gawande filed a complaint against Mr Khadse in the MIDC police station on Monday.”Mr Khadse said, “According to the MIDC Act, if the award is not finalised within the stipulated period of 40 years from the date of […]

The Congress member also alleged that the ruling

diciembre 7, 2021 por Wugu Paoshin Industries

Later, the Congress staged a walkout from the House after the government rejected an apex court-monitored probe, which was initially asked by BSP’s Mayawati. He said that ‘AP’ could stand for many people including the present Chief Minister of Gujarat. […]

They have also been assured steps would be initiated

noviembre 18, 2021 por Wugu Paoshin Industries

”Registrar Fayaz Ahmed Mir said that about 1,600 outstation students skipped the exams, whereas those who chose to appear in these constitute only one per cent of the total number of non-local students enrolled at the institute. Exasperated by it, […]

A short auto-biography

noviembre 10, 2021 por Wugu Paoshin Industries

Bajaj made me. A non-Marathi drove me. But some outsiders are good if they are foreign outsiders.” Thackeray should instead ask his thugs to burn the autos of those who come up with a majestic “No”, when you try to […]

It’s like if anyone commits murder

octubre 25, 2021 por Wugu Paoshin Industries

There is no judiciary after that. Is this a new law in this country ”Flanked by his Cabinet colleagues, Mr Kejriwal said that a “new law” is being followed in the country where anyone can be killed on the pretext […]

Blend the cooked carrot with eggs

octubre 20, 2021 por Wugu Paoshin Industries

Blend the cooked carrot with eggs.Lower oven temperature to 350 degrees F. Once steam comes, simmer for 10-12 minutes and then switch off fire and leave it for another 5 minutes. Put 3 tbsp sugar on the dish with which […]

There is a certain amount of debate

septiembre 24, 2021 por Wugu Paoshin Industries

This kind of thing does not make sense.Veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal said censorship should be abolished. I don’t think we should be getting down into removing cuss words and kisses. “I am concerned about the imposition of censorship here, which […]