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Treating stiff neck Sometimes you sleep restlessly at night

febrero 22, 2021 por protectionhairdryer

It is best to block the towel when blowing to prevent overheating. After the screw has cooled down, it will be easy to pull out. Normally, the hair cannot enter, but the wind can enter from the outside.The cold virus […]

Does hair dryer hurt your hair?

enero 20, 2021 por protectionhairdryer

There are many brands of hair dryers, and each has a different feel. The hair will be dried in five minutes. The maximum operating temperature of 85°C ensures that the hair is not damaged, and at the same time it […]

Can pregnant women use a hair dryer to wash their hair?

enero 14, 2021 por protectionhairdryer

For the baby, it is better for moms to stay away from the hair dryer during pregnancy. Although shampooing is a trivial matter, if the care is not carried out properly, it may cause damage to the health of adults […]

Too much moisture will make the hair dryer work too long

enero 4, 2021 por protectionhairdryer

The hair dryer is a high-radiation household appliance, and its radiation is the largest when it is turned on and off. Silicone oil-free Sapindus moisturizing and nourishing shampoo can replenish moisture and nutrients for the scalp Hair Dryers Manufacturers and […]

Dyson hair dryer blows the hair faster because it has very strong airflow

diciembre 8, 2020 por protectionhairdryer

What brand of hair dryer is Chen Yanxi and Jiang Xin? After the end of the day’s recording, Chen Yanxi and Jiang Xin returned to the room together. The serial number of the overseas version can also be checked. Because […]

Let the hair dry quickly while taking care of the hair

noviembre 25, 2020 por protectionhairdryer

Hair dryer tips The heavier the hair dryer, the better the quality, the wall thickness, sturdiness, heat resistance, double insulation, and some have an ion generator inside, which can produce ion wind, make the hair soft, and the ion wind […]

The air inlet at the back of the hair dryer must be kept unobstructed

noviembre 12, 2020 por protectionhairdryer

The air inlet at the back of the hair dryer must be kept unobstructed.  The rotation of the blade disc is unstable, fast and slow, and a little lubricating oil should be added to the shaft end of the rotor […]