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The air inlet at the back of the hair dryer must be kept unobstructed

The air inlet at the back of the hair dryer must be kept unobstructed.  The rotation of the blade disc is unstable, fast and slow, and a little lubricating oil should be added to the shaft end of the rotor to make the blade disc rotate smoothly. Hook out a piece of hair with your fingers. In addition to drying your hair, you can also use the hair dryer to blow a good-looking style. If you really need to use the hair dryer for a long time, you should pause it every hour or so, and then turn it on again after the temperature has cooled down. 6. Because the hot air delivery is related to the air delivery angle, an angle of 25 to 30 degrees is generally appropriate.

If there is, wrap the broken wire with a dielectric tape to restore it to normal. You need to replace the new switch before the hair dryer can return to normal. When the hair dryer is used, the hot air suddenly turns into cold air, indicating that the heating wire is broken, and the casing needs to be removed and replaced with a new heating wire to eliminate the fault. 5. Feike hair dryer Feike hair dryer supports mute function, the hot air blowing is about 60 degrees Celsius, with double insurance against overheating, efficient and durable, light and simple. If you like the hair to be curled, repeat the operation many times, so that the hair will become More volume. Curling Irons How to blow the styling with a hair dryer 1. Let the beautiful people teach you how to blow. Place a round comb under the hair piece.

You should check whether the circuit is broken and adjust according to the situation. When the hair is almost dry, divide the hair on one side into two parts with the ear as the boundary, roll it up with a curling comb, and blow on the hair dryer. If the hair dryer is leaking, check whether the wire is broken. Philips hair dryer Philips hair dryer is small and flexible, which is convenient to carry when traveling. How to use the hair dryer 1.

After turning on the switch, the fan blade does not rotate, the coil does not make a sound, and the heating wire is red.Hair dryer is a very common hairdressing tool. If the fan blade disc collides with the shell while rotating, you can open the shell and adjust the position of the fan blade. 3. The air supply angle should be small when blowing on both sides and splitting roads. Among them, its ergonomic foldable handle design allows people to easily hold it, and is convenient to operate, which is convenient for shaping their own hairstyle. The use time should not be too long each time, it is best to control it within 1 hour, so as to avoid overheating of the air sent.


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