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Let the hair dry quickly while taking care of the hair

Hair dryer tips The heavier the hair dryer, the better the quality, the wall thickness, sturdiness, heat resistance, double insulation, and some have an ion generator inside, which can produce ion wind, make the hair soft, and the ion wind has the ability to sterilize. Philips negative ion hair dryer Philips hair dryer is a more popular hair dryer product, because it is equipped with a unique net cover and cooling fan, which can ensure even heat, let the hair dry quickly while taking care of the hair, preventing the hair from being affected. In addition, it also adopts anion penetration technology to lock moisture , Keep hair moist, soft and easy to comb.

Therefore, it is recommended not to blow the hot air for too long to avoid burning. The humid environment after bathing will have a great risk of electric shock. If you want to buy, you hair curler might as well learn about the characteristics of different brands.. The main power of common hair dryers are: 250 watts, 350 watts, 450 watts, 550 Watt, 850 watt, 1000 watt, 1200 watt. The hair dryer of this brand also comes with protection against overheating and power failure, making it safer to use.

The scorching smell of the hair dryer may be caused by the overheating of the plastic material in front of the hair dryer. damage. In addition, it also adopts heat balance technology to send out even hot air, so that the hair grows quickly without damage Hair quality. In addition, this hair dryer has a hair care cool air button, which can continue to blow cold air to help shape, and the body is light, small and flexible, and it will not burden your hands. Remember!

The power of the hair dryer is suitable for the power of the hair dryer, which is directly reflected in the price and drying speed Above, the high-powered hair dryer costs faster to dry hair, but the radiation is also greater, because the power of the general hair dryer is mainly related to the heating wire of the hair dryer, the greater the power, the thicker the heating wire, and the more heat it generates , So the radiation is relatively large.

Which is a good negative ion hair dryer? Anion hair dryer is a relatively easy-to-use hair dryer. The hot air of the hair dryer is produced by the heating wire at the front end. The power of 22v is enough for general household hair dryers. The hair dryer has a burnt smell.


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