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Dyson hair dryer blows the hair faster because it has very strong airflow

What brand of hair dryer is Chen Yanxi and Jiang Xin? After the end of the day’s recording, Chen Yanxi and Jiang Xin returned to the room together. The serial number of the overseas version can also be checked. Because it uses strong airflow, it can quickly dry the hair without high temperature. The seller is not a philanthropist. When you blow the hair, you will not be drawn into the hair dryer if you put the dryer close to the hair.

Dyson hair dryer adopts a 360-degree rotating magnetic connection design, so it can be very convenient to replace or rotate the nozzle when blowing hair, which is more conducive to hair stylist or self-use. The built-in only temperature control technology will automatically adjust when the temperature is too high to prevent overheating from damaging the hair. Dyson hair dryer is a hair dryer that many people like very much. It will not damage the hair. buttons, filters, wires). In 2008, Dyson Beijing Branch was established. James Dyson (James Dyson)-industrial designer, inventor, inventor of the vacuum cleaner, founder of Dyson. Dyson hair dryer blows the hair faster because it has very strong airflow.

The price of high imitation fans is around 2,000 yuan, sold under the name of the European version. It is too easy to distinguish the fake after seeing the real machine. Blowing hair effortless Dyson hair dryer puts the motor in the handle of the hair dryer, so that the center of the hair dryer moves down, from the head of the hair dryer to the center of the hair dryer, so that the center of gravity of the hair dryer moves down, and the lever principle is used to reduce the need for people to hold the hair dryer.g. Low noise Dyson hair dryer uses a patented Dyson digital motor with 13 impellers. In fact, it is a delay in waiting for the person who bought it to ship.

The actual European version obtained through the formal channels exceeds this price in Hong Kong or the wholesale price. What brand of this small hair dryer is used? The brand of this hair dryer is Dyson.Hair dryer is a kind of hairdressing product that we often use when we wash our hair. You can call Dyson 400 and usually give a reply within two days. Strong airflow and fast drying. It is strongly recommended to go hair straightening brush to a physical store to experience the feel of the hand.  When starting, there will be an obvious motor sound. Do not breathe in the hair. It’s very fast. We can’t hear it


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