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The screw host and the high efficiency permanent-magnet motor.

When the three-phase stator windings of the permanent magnet motor (each with a phase difference of 120 \u0026 deg; TV points) are fed with three-phase alternating current with a frequency of f, a rotating magnetic field will occur at a synchronous speed. In the steady state, the main pole magnetic field rolls synchronously with the rotating magnetic field, so the rotor speed is also synchronous. The stator rotating magnetic field and the permanent magnet magnetic field established by the permanent magnets keep relatively stopped. They interact with each other and generate electromagnetic torque. The motor rotates and performs energy conversion. The high-efficiency permanent magnet motor + frequency converter (PM motor) is used for the permanent-magnet frequency conversion air compressor. The screw host and the high-efficiency permanent-magnet motor share the same main shaft. The motor has no bearings. The rotor with permanent magnets is directly installed on the protruding shaft of the male rotor.

The transmission power is 100%. This structure eliminates the fault points of traditional motor bearings and completes motor-free protection. The rare earth permanent magnet data has excellent magnetic function. After magnetizing, it can set up a strong permanent magnetic field without additional energy. It can be used to replace the electric excitation field of traditional motors. High-efficiency permanent Purifier motor magnet variable frequency motors are not only high-powered, but also simple in structure. It is reliable in operation and small in size and light in weight. Not only can achieve high functions (such as ultra-efficient, ultra-high speed, ultra-high response speed) that traditional electric excitation motors can’t match, but also can be made into special motors that can meet specific operating requirements, such as elevator traction motors, passenger motors, etc. .

The combination of rare earth high-efficiency permanent magnet motors and power electronics skills and microcomputer control skills has further improved the functions of motors and transmission systems to a new level: high-efficiency permanent magnet variable frequency motors always adhere to high power under any load, which is more energy-efficient than ordinary motors More than 10%, energy saving is more than 10% than induction motor. The superior function that can be started immediately after the motor stops, unlimited start and stop without affecting the life of the motor, and the starting current does not exceed 100% of the full load current. Because the permanent magnet variable frequency motor has the advantage of low speed and high output torque, its frequency conversion control parts generally have a larger number of induction frequency motors. The permanent magnet variable frequency motor is 30% smaller in volume and 35% smaller in weight than the same power motor, and the protection is simpler. Then improving the function and level of the supporting skills and equipment is an important development direction for the motor profession to adjust the industrial structure. Now, high-efficiency permanent magnet variable frequency motor is the best choice for the screw air compressor drive motor. It is more efficient and energy-saving than the general three-phase asynchronous variable frequency motor!


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