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What You Need To Know About Alarm Sirens?

The installation of an alarm system in a home, business or professional premises gives you peace of mind, especially when you are away. However, the device loses all its interest without an alarm siren. Zoom in on this essential component.


Multi-tasking equipment

An alarm best remote control system generally consists of an alarm central, detectors and a siren. Among these elements, the latter assumes several functions to optimize the security of a property. Its role is to warn, alert and deter burglars or intruders. When the motion detectors pick up an anomaly, they send a signal to the alarm centre, which will trigger the alarm and activate the siren. The loud sound will warn occupants of a hazard, or alert the neighborhood if they are not present at the scene. Finally, the simple fact of seeing the siren installed on the façade of a property can already deter intrusion attempts. In addition, some sirens are equipped with housings incorporating flashes or strobes to facilitate the location of the premises in the event of an alarm.


Where to place a siren?

Choosing an alarm siren is one thing, but knowing how to install it in a strategic location is another. Moreover, this device can be used in different ways. There are models dedicated to indoor use, often integrated into the alarm unit, as well as external models connected to the latter either by cables or by radio waves. The location of the device therefore depends on the model chosen. For an indoor rf universal remote alarm siren, it must be installed as high as possible to allow sound waves to propagate outwards. If the device is integrated into the alarm unit, it must be placed in a larger space so that the neighborhood can hear it in the event of an anomaly. If it is an outdoor siren, it is advisable to install it at the highest point of the façade to avoid the risk of sabotage, ideally at the top of the chimney if there is one, and towards the neighborhood.

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