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What is OSRS Bonecrusher?

Bonecrusher is a reward for Morytania Diary in OSRS. The model of the item was originally made by content developer Mod Ash. This is because the artist team was busy dealing with other diary projects. To do this, the developers used Legends’ Quest’s glowing dagger model and used it as the basis for making Bonecrusher.

If there is a Bonecrusher in the list and the monster that dropped the bone is killed, then the dropped bone will be crushed automatically. Sufficient Runescape Gold can help you grow quickly. If the elite Morytania Diary is completed because it can provide a complete prayer experience, then this may be an advantage. Otherwise, the player will gain half the experience compared to burying the bones.

It can also be used on bones dropped by hunter creatures, although it cannot be used on dropped bones. Therefore, curved long bones cannot be used here, nor can they be dropped by Bloodvelds. But it still has many advantages, such as those crushed in the catacombs of Kurland, which can activate prayer restoration in the area. Buy Runescape Gold come to

This effect can also be triggered if you wear the Dragon Bone Necklace while breaking the bones, but it is worth noting that these two effects will not overlap each other in the game. If you have a keel necklace, you can use it with the hydra tail, which will become a Bonecrusher necklace. In this way, you can use the combined effect of the Bonecrusher and Dragonbone necklace at the same time.

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