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OSRS battle guide for F2P players of different levels


Different combat methods can bring different experiences to players. This is also the main combat method for players to get the pleasure of the game in Old School RuneScape.

In order to be able to better enjoy this kind of fun, you need to continuously upgrade. When your game level reaches a certain level, you will be able to easily earn a lot of OSRS GP medals.

In RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, you can fight in three ways: melee, long-range, and magic. Among the three, if you are just starting, the first two are better choices. As for magic, you need to use runes.

For each combat method, you need different equipment. For melee combat, it will be armor and scimitar. As a F2P player, as your level increases, you can change from bronze armor to garnet. If you have OSRS funds, you can also choose a more general method.

When fighting against an enemy that overwhelms the attack, it is changed to chain armor, and long-range armor is applied to enemies using magic. Finally, use a strength amulet or strength amulet, as both can improve accuracy.

If you want to shoot, we recommend that you choose leather armor because they provide range rewards. The best armor you can get is the green dragon skin, which can provide 40 defense and 40 range.

By operating the above methods, you will immediately have a strong fighting ability. If you want to master more OSRS guides and Buy OSRS GP, please bookmark our website:

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