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DeFreece echoed her sentiment during a Q on Monday yeezy boost 350 v2 after the film premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, “I was so attracted to this film because it was trans actors playing trans roles,” she said.”When I wrote the film I sat with Laverne and Joslyn by themselves and drew from their own experiences,” said Hersko, who could have cast a traditional Hollywood actress in the lead role but was steadfast in the belief that his star must be trans for the sake of authenticity. In fact, he says Cox participation hinged on the promise that she would be cast opposite another trans woman, and Hersko says he wouldn have made the film any other way.

The rest of the cabin is Spartan, all wrapped in black Alcantara. (Tip: pack a travel lint roller in the glove compartment.) The steering wheel is as blessedly simple and clean as the shifter, unadorned by knobs, switches or buttons other than the horn. It is meant for steering the car.

The list of designers include big names like Jean Paul Gaultier. Most are from Europe or the Middle East, along with some from Brazil or the United States. Several are from Saudi Arabia, including Arwa alBanawi. She says her designs, including women’s business suits, send a strong message about female empowerment at a time when Saudi Arabia is lifting harsh restrictions on women driving and working jobs. Banawi says it makes sense to have a fashion week in Saudi Arabia now because of all the changes happening in the kingdom.

Vanilla came late to recipe books. According to food historian Waverley Root, the first known vanilla recipe appears in the 1805 edition of Hannah Glasse’s The Art of CookeryHannah Glasse’s The Art of Cookery, which suggests adding “vanelas” to chocolate; the first American recipefor vanilla ice creamis found in Mary Randolph’s The Virginia HousewifeMary Randolph’s The Virginia Housewife (1824). By the latter half of the century, the demand for vanilla skyrocketed. Not only was it the established flavor of choice for ice cream, but it was an essential ingredient of soft drinksamong these Atlanta chemist John S. Pemberton’s CocaCola, which went on sale in 1886, impressively advertised as an “esteemed Brain tonic and Intellectual Beverage.”


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