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Shower chairs come in several different sizes

If your mobility is limited or you need support while taking a shower, then a shower chair is definitely something Prefab shower unit you would appreciate having. This type of chair allows you to bathe comfortably in a seated position, thus significantly reducing your risk of slipping or falling in the shower. But, shower chairs come in a wide variety of designs and you might find that having to choose the best one for your needs can be a bit overwhelming. To help you with this decision, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration.
1.Size – Shower chairs come in several different sizes and you’ll have to make sure you choose one in just the right size. It has to be big enough to accommodate you, of course, so you may want to take the measurements of your favourite chair. The chair you choose should also be small enough to fit properly and securely into the shower area. And remember that height also matters where a shower chair is concerned. It may be best to choose a chair with adjustable legs so you can adjust the height accordingly. If the chair is either too high or too low, you may have some trouble getting into and out of it.
2.Weight – You need to check the shower chair’s weight capacity limit beforehand because there’s no point in buying one if it can’t hold the weight of its intended user. If the shower chair is going to be used by several individuals, then you should use the weight of the heaviest intended user as your basis in choosing the chair.
3.Materials – Shower chairs are generally made from durable waterproof and rustproof material, but it’s important for you to choose a chair made from easy-to-clean materials. Take note that plastic and PVC are the two materials most resistant to mildew, which definitely make them a good choice for your shower chair. If you choose to get a shower chair with a padded seat, one with padding made from dry cell foam may be the best option because this material absorbs less water than others. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a chair without padding, you may want to test several models to find one with a seat you feel most comfortable with. And while a shower chair’s legs are typically made from rustproof aluminium material, you would do well to check if it’s attached by rivets or by bolts and screws. Take note that rivets are advisable because they are less prone to rust.
4.Mobility – Of course, the nature and extent of disability or immobility of the intended user has to be taken into consideration. Do you need a shower chair with wheels, which can be easily moved in and out of the bathroom from other parts of the house, or would a stationary shower chair that’s permanently installed in the bathroom be a more suitable option? Will a simple stool-type chair suffice or do you need the added support of a backrest? Can the intended user sit upright without losing his balance or would a reclining shower chair be a better choice to ensure safety? Remember that a shower chair is supposed to make bathing safer and more comfortable. You should therefore make sure it serves that purpose well.


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