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Simply nail through the plywood into the face of the stringers

Starting at the bottom of the stairs, start placing the Furniture Screws Manufacturers.About The AuthorDave Markel is the author of “The All Wood Working Journal”.Assemble the stairsThe plywood is used to attach the stairs to the deck. This first riser is always shorter by the thickness of the steps, for us that is 1.25″, which is the typical height of 1 riser (step).Time for some layoutFirst thing.Now take the 45″ 2×6 and nail it in between the bottom of the outside stringers.Now determine the overall runBefore we can do this we have to determine how many steps we need. Repeat this for one other stringer.

The screw will fit into the notch cut into the center stringer. well, almostRailings. Simply nail through the plywood into the face of the stringers using framing nails. Cut the 2×4 and secure it to the bottom edge of the stringer..Find the overall riseWe want to know the exact vertical distance from the top of the concrete pad to the top of the deck. When the stairs are positioned correctly nail through the plywood into the side of the deck.This article will cover the steps for building a straight set of stairs. This makes the first riser 5-5/8″.Cut ’em outNow use you circular saw to cut out the stringers (technical name for 2×12 with stair marks on it) being sure to cut on the waste side of the line.. This gives us 8.. Use the framing nails to secure them.

When you cut into the corner with a circular saw the blade misses some of the wood on the bottom side of the board. Whether you go up or down the last step is onto the deck or the pad.5″, the width of a typical step, and multiply it by 8.111″ or 7-1/8″, or close enough to it.Install the treadsCut the 8 – 8′ 2×6’s in half, be sure to cut them square.1 @ 45″ / 2″ x 6″ boards1 sheet of plywood @ 1/2″ / 8″ x 48″Of course, 3-1/2″ framing nails and deck screws or nails for the steps.Important: There is always 1 less tread then risers. Grab your framing square. WIth the long leg of your framing square towards the end of the board start to line up the tape marks to the edge of the board facing you.Continue to do this until you have the required number of steps, 8 in this case. You can also use an exterior adhesive to assure that they don’t move..

This provides the right spacing for the bottom of the stairs and secures them to the pad. These are going to be the steps so. Then screw measure from the bottom of the 2×4 to the pad.Building a set of wood stairs is not nearly as hard as you may think.Take the overall rise, 64″, and divide it by 7. So 1 less tread.Layout one of the 2×12’s on your saw horses or work bench. 4 into each stringer will be enough. So screw will be 7-1/8″.5″.83, which rounds up to 9, So we will go with 9 risers. Simply center them on the stringers and use some 3″deck nails to attach them.Take some masking tape and wrap a piece around the framing square to establish you rise and run. The long screw is the tread (step) leg and the short leg is the riser leg.


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