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Ten things sex toy advisors want you to know but won’t exactly tell you

marzo 23, 2021 por dsgs sdgs

In the 6 years I’ve been working, these things have really happened to me. 1. When you ask me how amazing my sex life must be. I’ll probably tell you it’s great, but I’m a mom, wife, businesswoman, house cleaner, […]

Unusual sex toys you may want to avoid

marzo 22, 2021 por dsgs sdgs

When it comes to sex, one man’s “normal” is another man’s “are you crazy?” This applies to sex toys as well. Practitioners of so-called “vanilla” sex can sometimes use sex toys for profit for “safe” and sexually normative purposes, but […]

Men and sex toys

febrero 5, 2021 por dsgs sdgs

If the creators of household wealth dared to say “sex toys” as one of their word association questions – my guess is that “vibrators,” “dildos” and “bunny” would be the top answers. You might ask what these toys have in […]

¡Ya soy parte de la Comunidad iNGENET!

diciembre 26, 2018 por dsgs sdgs

INGENET es un espacio que te permite crear perfiles, blogs y grupos. Ahora estoy a punto de publicar mi primera entrada en donde hablaré de lo último en ingeniería e infraestructura. ¡Te invito a visitar mi blog!