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Flat irons use heat to modify the natural

Thesetechnologies include far-infrared heating (FIR) and an ionic component. Although it’s also the safest material on the market so it is especially recommended forcolor dyed and chemically damaged hair too. Flat irons use heat to modify the natural form of your hairand as heat can be damaging flat irons integrate protective technologies whichreduce heat damage to benefit your hair’s health and appearance. If you’re planning on buying your own flat iron then apartfrom the plate material you should also look for safety features such as avariable heat setting and a swivel cord, with them you’ll find thatstraightening is comfortable and almost effortless.

Flat irons come in three main types: Ceramic, Tourmaline andTitanium. Ceramic is fast, reliable, versatile for all hair types and is bestknown for its equal heat distribution which helps straightening to speed up andhair to remain undamaged. For some they’re just for special occasions while for others it’s almost a necessity,either way flat irons have become the most important tool in grooming routinesall over the world. Titanium is the fastest materialavailable and also the hottest which is why it’s the most used in busy salonsand the best for thick, coarse and stubborn hair types which usually takelonger to straighten. Far-infraredheating consists of soft waves which emanate from the plates to gently warm thehair from the center of the shaft instead of the surface, thus preventing hairdamage since the exterior layer is the most delicate.

Tourmaline is a powerfully ionic material which is fasterthan ceramic, making it the perfect choice for wild and frizzy hair. So let’s get to know more about this fascinating hairstyling appliance. Ionic means that a negative charge is generatedwhen the plates are heated, and this charge fights the positive charge presentin dry and brittle hair.Straight and sleek hair never goes out of fashion, soneither do flat irons! Flat irons are the fastest and most efficient way to gofrom curly to straight without damaging your hair in the process.

This means that ionic technology will neutralize allstatic and frizz in your hair to produce perfectly smooth and shiny locks thatnot only will take less time to achieve thanks to the ionic component’sefficiency but it will also last longer so you won’t have to use your Handle Steamer for sale flat ironagain for touch ups. Infrared heating alsoretains the hair’s natural moisture so your locks will be hydrated keeping themsupple and manageable throughout the entire day. An ionic component is naturally present inmaterials like ceramic and tourmaline which are commonly used in flat irons dueto their anti-frizz technology. With a good flat iron youcan create a new and unique look every day without ever worrying about heat damage!


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