Imagen de avatar 24/410 Plastic of best hand lotion in pump
24/410 Plastic of best hand lotion in pump

How to open the bottle with flip cap

Bottles or containers of today are getting updated with flip cap openers. The use of normal screw bottle caps has been reduced with more easy and advanced cap designs in the market. But with new upcoming design, new strategies should also be appointed for testing its quality. Flip cap opening tester is designed to test the strength amount utilized for opening the flip cap of bottles and containers.Flip Cap Opening Tester is utilized for assessing the flip cap strength, which is an important criterion for quality assurance of the product.

A uniform amount of force is applied to the flip Cap specimen and the test data is recorded through an accurate force-measuring device. Once the peak level of force is recorded successfully on the force scale, a reading will be automatically stored in gauge memory.Sick of getting liquid instead of mustard? Or accidently squeezing out too much cleaner on your coffee table? So were we – that’s why we created the new Ultra Light Flip Top Cap. Now available from Stull Technologies, this lightweight closure is ideal for liquid condiments like mustard, honey, as well as household products like soap, cleaners and car polish.For a number of “semi-solid” Cosmetics, Food and FMCG products like moisturizers, gels, and shampoos, etc flip caps are a standard closure.

Tension and compression testing is done to evaluate opening and closing. This process helps in ensuring that leaks are prevented at the time of use usually when contents are upside-down and their weight is used on the flip-cap, while being easy enough to be opened and closed by the end user. Moreover, the hinge strength can also be tested to check whether it can withstand frequent use without breaking off.From the optimally positioned orifice to the 180-degree indent that makes it easy to open, the Ultra Light Flip Top Cap is all about customer convenience.

But what is especially convenient is not ruining your meal with the liquid that invariably comes when the product separates. When separated liquid accumulates at the top of the product, the orifice feature of the Ultra Light Flip Top Cap extends under, into good product, which helps push separated liquid aside when bottle is squeezed  no more liquid instead of mustard!The Ultra Light provides improved dispensing convenience for a variety of products, including household chemicals, automotive cleaners and polishes, and of course liquid condiments. The Ultra Light provides an enhanced product experience that consumers will value, increasing brand recognition and satisfaction.


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