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How to unclog your foam pump bottle

Lunes, enero 18, 2021

If your foam pump bottle gets clogged up, it could be due to small tiny particles that got caught on the small mesh screen within the foam pump head.Or, if you have not been using the pump frequently, liquid soap […]

What is the design idea of superfine spray pump head

Jueves, enero 14, 2021

Nozzles Nail Polish Remover Pump are widely used in the fields of combustion engineering, chemical industry and aerospace, and the demand for nozzles is the most frequent in chemical industry applications. For example, air spray pump heads, direct injection nozzles […]

What you should know about foam hand soap

Lunes, diciembre 28, 2020

A very important part of the mixture is the actual mixing. Its never recommended to shake or stir your mixture with a closed lid. Instead, use a spoon to stir your non-foaming soap and water throughly. Be sure that your […]