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Why does a spray bottle work

Martes, diciembre 15, 2020

I took apart a simple spray bottle to see how it kept fluid flowing only in one direction from the reservoir to the nozzle. It does so with simple check valves made of two pieces of plastic, a spring, and […]

Hand Sanitizer Bottles and Alternative Packaging

Lunes, diciembre 7, 2020

With the increasing demand for sanitization products in recent weeks. Containers such as Cosmo Round Bottle packaging with Flip & Disc top closures have had an increase in demand as well. Here at, We have plenty to offer with the selection […]

How to adjust the trigger sprayer

Lunes, noviembre 30, 2020

In preparation for this piece, I conducted ethnographic research with a large group of target users in actual kitchen and bath cleaning settings. I watched how people store, handle, transport and use trigger sprayers. And, then, I showed consumers examples […]