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Visual presenters are also helpful in understanding the angles

A visual presenter makes it easier to understand quickly and correctly by way of animated representation of ray diagrams for concave or convex mirrors, enable them to imbibe the concepts for a lifetime. It also helps the students for illustrating the same for practical. Similarly, the light rays of the lenses to converge or diverge as they pass can be understood more effectively with the assistance of animated representation through visual presenters. Here, teachers can clear the concepts for a number of times; teachers do not need to draw diagrams again and again, due to the suitability of the recording function.Visual presenters can also be used in biology labs 3-D objects, i.e. flowers, leaves, best telescope lens for moon and specimens. Students can understand the working of the surgical and dissection tools like blades, forceps, scalpels, tissue punches for dissection activities and its storage.

Such tools can easily be known by putting the tools under the camera, the image of the tool will clearly be visible to the large number of students. Teachers can easily show the structure related to chemistry lab likewise, atomic bond angles. Visual presenters are also helpful in understanding the angles between the bonds and their molecular structure- linear, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, octahedral and trigonal pyramidal with 3-D representation and bond angles.In order to understand the molecular structure effectively, use a diagrammatic representation of bonds as sticks or lines for 2-D molecular structures through a visual presenter. The space filling models or CPR models which show atoms in color scheme in representations, wherein the molecule is represented by overlapping spheres representing the atoms. If a teacher tries to show it by hands, everyone will not be able to see it clearly. If try by using a visual presenter, can expect good response from the students side. The clear picture will give more clarification among students by converting the hardest session into much more eased-out.Students get hard times, when it comes to understanding mathematics. For better understanding the Pythagoras theorem can be understood by using charts or models.

By using visual presenters, teachers can make the whole phobic session into more fun and understandable. Students tend to relate more when they study with the help of diagrams. Actually, it makes the concept more practical that how the mathematical concepts can be applied in an interesting way. Everyone knows when a teacher makes a graph for some mathematical equations, it takes a lot of time, sometimes becomes untidy that students hardly understand it and keep mum while the teacher completes it. Students become hesitant to clear the queries because of improper graph. Ready-made charts or textbook content can be put under the camera lens of visual presenters. It will show the proper image to each and every student in a clear manner. On the whole, everything looks interesting and pragmatic. Seemingly, it is giving meaning to the education system where teachers and students tend to correlate with the concepts by infusing fresh ideas. Visual presenters have the capability to create interest for the students as well as for teachers.


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