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The history of compound spinning

The development of composite fiber also needs the support of process technology research and corresponding equipment research and development. Whether it is side-by-side type, hollow side-by-side type, multi-layer side-by-side type, orange petal type, hollow orange petal type, m-shaped and gear type, or skin core type, eccentric core type, multi-core type (ie, sea-island type) composite The development of fibers requires the development and development of corresponding special spinning components, Cool Feeling Pe Monofilament Yarn and also considers the drying equipment of the slice, the screw extruder, the spinning box and the attached static mixer and other equipment; in addition, It is necessary to consider the special modification of the matching texturing machine and other equipment, so as to support the textile, dyeing and finishing equipment. Composite spinning process and composite spinning “heart” equipment (spinning components). The content of key equipment for composite spinning will be described in detail in subsequent articles.


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