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The connection ports of data communication interfaces such as USB

The shape of 1-12 Position DIP Switches outlets that are common in daily life may change drastically. It is estimated that the data communication interface of digital devices will become its core. The connection ports of data communication interfaces such as USB and Ethernet will function as power outlets.

The environment in which the connection ports of these interfaces are used to transmit power and data is becoming more and more perfect. Most opinions in the industry believe that products supporting the USB technology standard ‘USB Power Delivery Specification (USB PD)’ (supporting 100W power supply) will come out as early as 2014. The standard has increased the power supply capacity to more than 20 times the current maximum bus power of 4.5W (0.9A, 5V), and was formulated and completed by the standardization body in July 2012.

Bus power refers to the power that can be provided while communicating data. 100W is the power level that can be used to drive a 40-inch display. In the future, most consumer products can be driven by USB PD. New connector standards used by mobile terminals that support USB PD have also emerged. That is the ‘Type-C’ that was first publicly tested in China by the USB standardization body in April 2014.

The opening size of the Type-C connector is smaller than the ‘Micro’ standard adopted by the original smartphone. Supports ‘USB 3.1’ with a maximum data transfer speed of 10Gbit/sec. The maximum power supply of USB PD is 60W. The appearance of the power outlet will change. The picture shows that Newer Technology’s USB socket wiring is simplified due to data and power sharing sockets. It has become commonplace to use USB as a power cord. Some hotels and airports have also added USB terminals on the wall plugs.


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