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The Characteristics of Enameled Copper Wire

The Enameled Copper Wire will vary according to the implementation of the electrical and electronic equipment. The enamelled wire is applied to the industry for the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment in the fields of electromagnetic navigation. So ,please know more details about enameled copper wire before you choose it.

The Characteristics of Copper Enameled Wire

1. Appearance: The surface must smooth, shiny metallic colors and no scratch. The surface coating film must not sticky at room temperature.

2. Flexibility: Enameled copper wire must be stretched and bent when tested by pulling or lapping. There must no cracks of the coating film.

3. Adherance: The wire coated with the adhesive and no cracks in the coating film.

4. Dielectric break down voltage: Dielectric break down voltage must not less than the standard of electric voltage enameled wire.

5. Heat-shock proof: The enameled wire must resist to the heat change immediately by without any fracture of the coating film.

6. Conductor resistance: Enameled copper wire that from must have conductor resistance not exceed the specified maximum resistance. The conductor resistance does not exceed the maximum set by the resistance of each wire coated varnish.

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