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How to Distinguish Real Enameled Copper Wire

At present, there are a lot of cables in the wire market (especially on the security line). xinyu enameled copper wire and copper-clad aluminum-magnesium wire are a new material that has just emerged in recent years. In order to create greater profits, unscrupulous merchants Manufacturers order copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad aluminum-magnesium, copper-clad steel wire as oxygen-free copper wire to sell, the pursuit of profiteering, Jane until the point of horrible, such as the current price of oxygen-free copper wire is 66,000 yuan a ton, and copper packets The price of aluminum is only 35,000 yuan a ton. (Note: the proportion of oxygen-free copper is 8.9, and the specific gravity of aluminum is 2.7).

Xinyu enameled copper wire is a layer of copper or a layer of copper on the outer side of Enameled aluminum wire or aluminum-magnesium wire. Strengths: Conductive function is also good, light weight, small specific gravity, low price, raw material processing and production are relatively convenient, based on copper wire production, is an excellent material to replace copper conductor; Disadvantages: easy to break, crisp, tinned when produced Tin is removed; the strength is low, the bare wire is easily oxidized at normal temperature, and the Copper enameled wire wire is blackened after oxidation, and the oxidation is accelerated.

Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire and magnesium wire are commonly used: core wire conductor, surrounding entanglement shielding, braided shielding. Copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad aluminum-magnesium, and copper-clad steel seem to be copper wire in appearance, and it is easy to mix the two in an unprofessional situation.

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