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The Characteristics of Enameled Copper Wire

Miércoles, agosto 15, 2018

The Enameled Copper Wire will vary according to the implementation of the electrical and electronic equipment. The enamelled wire is applied to the industry for the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment in the fields of electromagnetic navigation. So ,please […]

Copper Clad Aluminum Enameled Wire ( Brief Introduction)

Viernes, agosto 10, 2018

The specifications of the copper clad Enameled aluminum wire: 1)Size: 0.2-2.5mm; Copper content 20%–30% 2) Temperature resistant grade 130/155 3) The characteristics of copper clad aluminum enameled wire: low resistivity, easy soldering, light weight Color: Red, green, brown, blue, amber […]

Why Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire Widely Used

Lunes, julio 30, 2018

Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire is popularly called magnet wire because these wires are coated with an insulation layer. The enamelled copper wire finds extensive use in magnet wires of high-frequency voltage devices, common transformer, inductance coils, electromotors, household electrical and […]

Enamelled Wire Surface Need to Be Painted for Smooth

Sábado, julio 28, 2018

When coated with a thin wire, it is thickly coated and shrinks under surface tension to form a wavy or bamboo-shaped yarn. If there is a very fine burr on the wire, under the effect of surface tension, the burr […]