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The project entails raising funds through

Gauging the need for improvement in that front, a theatre group WeMove Theatre is ready to herald a change they wish to see — through the initiative, ‘Artists have bills to pay’. The intent is to to help rural artistes and their families stay healthy. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go towards helping build a health scheme, which facilitates free health facilities to rural artistes in the city. We see this as a form of sustainable charity. “Managing a campaign is never easy. Our focus at present is rural Bengaluru”, shares Abhishek Iyengar, one of the main members behind the initiative.” Enthusing how the project calls for the participation of proactive youths in the city, Sindhu Hegde states, “I think it’s most important for youngsters to realise that a mere 500 rupees could significantly elevate the health conditions of many creative individuals in town.

But, I think it’s time we herald a change for the better.Sindhu Hegde “This started about four months ago, when we found that there are no proper health schemes or funds for artistes in town. That’s when we decided to raise funds by producing T-shirts. Tees are priced at Rs 449. The T-shirts can be brought at http://aziteez.. We have sold over curtain velvet suppliers 200 shirts so far. With every sale, we’re one step closer towards making premium healthcare a reality for artistes around. Because, without basic facilities, calling theatre a sustainable profession in the years to come is ridiculous.

The project entails raising funds through selling hand-printed Kalavida and Kalavide T-shirts, in association with Arogya Seva, an NGO. Rangaraj Bhattacharya elucidates, “The income from the T-shirt sales will be routed through Arogya Seva, an NGO as insurance bonds rather than money to avoid any misuse of We wish to nurture art, and taking care of artists and their needs is the need of the hour!” he signs off.While theatre is a burgeoning field; premium and timely healthcare schemes for artistes are still a distant reality for many in the country..”Having plunged into theatre on a full-time basis, Abhishek tells us how its his resolute which keeps him going. Especially when you have stuff going on a daily basis. In a candid chat with the front runners of the initiative, Sindhu Hegde, Rangaraj Bhattacharya, and Abhishek Iyengar, tell us more


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