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Let Brulee set and add second biscuit

Let Brulee set and add second biscuit. Cut in the shape of the bar and serve chilled. Whip egg whites with granulated sugar. Chill. Cream butter, sugar, cocoa powder, espresso powder and salt. Add dry ingredients followed by the last egg whites.INGREDIENTS FOR COFFEE BRULEE Coffee 113 gmCream 1051 gm. Bake in oven at 140C for 20 minutes.Chocolate Crunchy Bar with Coffee InfusionINGREDIENTS FORMILK CHOCOLATE BISQUIT 2 Frames 60×40 38% Milk chocolate 485 gmButter 412 gmEgg Yolks 240 gmInvert sugar 80 gmEgg whites 405 gmSugar 209 gmMaida 195 gmMethodMelt chocolate and butter. Add bloomed gelatin and coffee paste. Cool and grind. Mix well. Add flour and ground beans and China argan oil hydrating shampoo manufacturers bring dough together.FOR ESPRESSO CRUNCH Butter 420 gmCocoa Powder 141 gmMaida 420 gmSugar 386 gmEspresso Beans 17 gmEspresso Powder 17 gmSalt 3 gmMethodPartially grind the espresso beans. Bake at 160C.ASSEMBLYOn a silpat cut the milk chocolate sponge with a 60×40 frame.

Spread 100 gm of coffee brulee onto the cake. Using an offset spatula, pack the crumb.White Chocolate Cheesecake with Vanilla MousselineINGREDIENTSWhite chocolate cheesecake 16 pieces Cream cheese 425 gmSugar 113 gm Cornstarch 15 gmEggyolk 50 gmWhole eggs 57 gmSour Cream 85 gmHeavy Cream 113 gmWhite Chocolate 250 gmVanilla extracts 10 gmMethodMix cream cheese, sugar, starch and vanilla extract until smooth.FOR CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 2 Frames 60×40 Milk 350 gmCream 350 gmYolks 350 gmSugar 148 gmInvert sugar 236 gm64% Chocolate 860 gm w Soft cream 1,702 gmCoffee paste 130 gmMethodHeat milk and cream, temper yolks and sugar and cook until 84C. (Infuse for 10 mins)Sugar 194 gmInfusion 970 gmMilk 194 gmVanilla 2 eachYolks 194 gmGelatine 13 gmMethodMaker a dry caramel, deglaze with infusion of milk. Stir for good emulsion. Pour the rest of the Brulee on top of the crunch.INGREDIENTS FOR VANILLA MOUSSELINEMilk 1,000 gmEgg yolks 160 gmSugar 450 gmCorn starch 140 gmVanilla Bean 2 splitButter 250 gmButter 250 gmMethodMake pastry cream, by boiling milk with vanilla,and temper yolks, sugar, starch and cook until thick.INGREDIENTS FOR RED FRUIT JELLYStrawberry Puree 481 gmSugar 44 gmGelatin 10.

Whip yolks and invert sugar to ribbon. Add sour cream and make a ganache with cream and chocolate, and add to mixture. Bake 120 C in a water bath until set. Add honey. Add butter and cool overnight. Add glucose and boil again. Combine dry ingredients and add to butter mixture. Scale at 1,000 gm per sheet. Evenly spread 700 gm of coffee crunch. Rest in the fridge for a few hours. Add chocolate mousse and spread evenly. Fold half whites into the chocolate mixture. Place in the freezer to allow to firm for a few minutes. Add second butter and whip until light and creamy. Roll in a dough sheete (2 ½ thin and cut). Break up onto a silpat and bake until brown. Temper yolks and cook until 84C.— Recipes courtesy Chef Irfan Ahmed. Slowly add eggs and yolks. Folds, whip cream 2,000 gm per frame. Strain over chocolate and invert sugar and coffee paste. Freeze.INGREDIENTSButter 430 gmBrown sugar 92 gmSugar 100 gmHoney 166 gmMaida 500 gmGraham cracker 110 gmSalt 14 gmCinnamon 2 gmMethodCream butter, sugar and brown sugar. Fold into yolk mixture. Add bloomed gelatin.5 gmInvert sugar 10 gmGlucose 10 gmMethodPlace puree and sugar in a sauce pot and boil, add trimoline and bring back to a boil

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