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With all the new technologies cosmetic spray Suppliers

With all the new technologies cosmetic spray Suppliers, the forms of communication have become easier

and faster. Technology has definitely made it easier on us to communicate

across the world within seconds. Though

it may be the fastest way of communication, the internet lacks something that

we all used to value when receiving letters through post mail; the personal

touch. Not only writing a letter by hand

makes it personal, but it can help with your penmanship and vocabulary skills.

A great way to encourage sending handwritten letters is to get your own

personalized stationery.


writing a letter on the computer, there are tools that help you with your

vocabulary. Tools like spell checker and

auto correct makes it easier on you to get words out without even knowing how

to spell them. These tools spell it for

you correctly and you end up having to rely on these tools, but what if you

aren’t on a computer and your boss asks you to write a memo by hand? With

handwriting a letter, you can increase your vocabulary skills and practice your


You can get

personalized stationery in many places.

There are online stores that can customize it with your name or buy one

at your closest Wal-Mart with your name already printed on it. Children will love having their own

stationery and you can encourage them to write to your family members that

don’t live near by. Not only will it

help their vocabulary and penmanship, it also helps with self-esteem, patience,

and confidence. Through letter writing, children can find out who they are,

what they like and what they dislike, and what their unique gifts and talents

bring to this world.

Along with

getting your children their own personalized stationery, you can buy matching

envelopes, note cards, and post cards. You can also get them colored pencils,

markers, pens, and stickers so they can personalize their letters even

more. A book of stamps can even help

your children with simple math when mailing their letters and taking them to the

post office can show them how they get sent and delivered to their


Even though

technology can make communication faster and easier, take the time to write a

letter instead. Show the person or

persons you are sending the letter to how much you personally mean to them by

handwriting it.

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