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They will be chaired by environment minister Ramdas

They will be chaired by environment minister Ramdas Kadam. Ravendiran, member secretary of MPCB, interacted with department officials across the state through video conferencing last week.Mumbai: The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), on Sunday directed its officials to initiate action against plastic manufacturers violating the ban imposed on the product in the state.According to the MPCB, in case of multi-layered and tetra packaging, the manufacturers or brand owners or producers need to submit the Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) plan, which involves modalities of a waste collection system, to the urban development department for approval. The first meeting is on Thursday. “Besides, they are expected to China acrylic lotion bottle put in place a mechanism for collection of plastic and to ensure recycling.. We will see whether it is being followed by them,” he said. We have instructed them to take action against all violators,” said the official. “It was to review the implementation of the plastic ban.”So far, we havent received a single approval letter,” said the official, adding that notices for the EPR plan were issued to them in August. An official from the MPCB said retailers are expected to print the manufacturers name, type and buy-back price on the plastic used by them.According to officials, E. The official added that region-wise inter-departmental coordination meetings with all officers empowered to take action as per the notification will be held. The direction comes as the deadline for creating a buy-back mechanism for collection of plastic used by retailers as well as in multi-layered and tetra packaging, ends on Sunday


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