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Landslides further can initiate earthquakes owing

Landslides further can initiate earthquakes owing to changes in geostatic (pressure exerted my mass of rock) and hydrostatic pressures in interstices of the subsurface.Earthquakes are known to be manifestations of the sudden release of strain energy which has accumulated in the subsurface rock mass over an extended period of time within the crust or upper mantle of the earth.Earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis are unstoppable natural phenomena, initiated by major earth processes initiated inside the earth.Studies have been carried out to correlate flooded river water entering faults and fractures of the riverside, triggering earthquakes. Koyna earthquake of August 2019 has repeated again, recorded several times since 1967. They are usually classified based on magnitude on the Richter scale (M) where low magnitude earthquakes measure M (The author is Professor of Geology Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University). But across the world, links between human activity and earthquake have been studied.In Denver Colorado, USA, wastewater pumped into earth through deep boreholes initiated fire extinguisher pressure gauge moderate scale earthquakes. In south Asian countries, including India, tectonic activities in historical as well as recent times have shown that besides natural phenomena, man influence is one of the factors. The construction of dams and reservoirs in hydroelectric projects changes the soil moisture condition and influences the ecological system which may trigger landslides. This quake happens due to leakages from Koyna dam reservoir in Koyna city of Maharashtra.The quakes are moderate in nature but may also trigger large earthquake


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