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Bleach treatment for nail fungus was used for many years

Other add vinegar. Some people soak the nail for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the</a> to learn more about symptoms, prevention and treatment options.Some people have found that bleach can be extremely essential oil bottles china nail fungus, more dilution and contact time are needed.treatnailfungus. Sometimes a small amount hydrogen peroxide is added to the soaking solutions. Foot care professionals often recommend using one part bleaching powder to one hundred parts of water to keep the feet clean and fresh. While bleaching is considered to be a safe way to treat toenail fungus, some people object to it because it does not alleviate the fungus as quickly as commercial medications.Oil Bottles factory helpful in treating nail fungus. Apple cider vinegar can be taken by mouth twice daily to help prevent and cure fungal nail infections. Others recommend it as way to remove the stains caused by nail fungus.. Make sure that there are no children around when you using this soaking method to cure your nail fungus infection. Some people even use a few drops of Listerine mouthwash in the soak. Then take one tablespoon of bleaching powder or liquid and mix it with one gallon of water.ltz-packaging. Bleach treatment for nail fungus was used for many years before prescription and over the counter treatments were available. Bleaching powder is a corrosive chemical which can severely irritate the skin and the fumes from bleaching powder can damage the respiratory system. Either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar may be used. Some people go to the extent of using one part bleach Nail Polish Bottle GD-1760to four parts water or even put bleaching power directly on the infected toenail but extreme care must be taken when using this approach. Before bleaching, trim the toenail as much as possible and file the nail. Although it takes a while for bleach to cure the toenail infection, it is considered safe if it is used in the proper dilution.ltz-packaging. People who use bleach to cure toenail fungus usually find that it takes two to three months for the fungus to cure

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